Examples in the wild

A platform to empower teachers

Our client is one of the largest S&P 500 companies, their LMS of choice, Shapeshift empowers teachers to use their native Workspace products effectively in the classroom.
  • Google’s look and feel
  • Multi-tenancy and multi-lingual
  • SSO & Google integration

B2B & compliance

With white-labelled branding and client-facing admin tools, Shapeshift helps compliance training companies use their technology as a tool for differentiation and growth.

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Subdomains and whitelabelling
  • Customer-facing tools

Live classes for millions

Helping millions of students to build successful businesses in emerging markets, Shapeshift provides our client with the tools to provide live classes at a monumental scale.

  • Integrated webinars
  • Gamification
  • Bespoke content management

Those are just examples, yours will be as unique as your imagination